Australia 2017




Gold Coast


ready for a day at the beach



sunset in Hope Island


in love with the world #RicohThetaS




what u want from me?




humpback whale breaching 6 times - amazing



interesting scaring on the calf's tail



mother and calf migrating to Antarctica


Gold Coast skyline





Gold Coast skyline


Rainbow Bay


Aboriginal dance




danger danger saltwater crocs






the lagoon






flying to South Australia



breakfasts should always be like this: serenity


Glenelg, South Australia


Kangaroo Island


one of the most expensive ferries in the world per km (Cape Jervis to Kangaroo Island)


the color of that water though


fell in love with this cutie


the gateway to the sea


winds of 60 km/h, almost blew me of the rock


Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island




Remarkable Rocks



Admirals Arch


whale skeletton


Seal Bay


what a life



Seal Bay, Kangaroo Island






fun weekend with this bunch on Kangaroo Island





Gold Coast


time to go back to the Gold Coast


Sanctuary Cove



watching these kangaroos on the golf course


kangaroo enjoying the sunset


what a cute family


sunset bike ride


Currumbin Creek


little sand surfer





taking these ladies out for lunch


this is Australia❤️


Hope Island


brownie bar at Night Quarter, Helensvale



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