Canada 2016





Greenland brrrrr


Calgary, Alberta










biggest outdoor shop


Welcome to Canada Debbie (her first time here)


Alberta, where little boys wear cowboy boots


Canada, where parking lots look like this 😍


meeting my dear friends from high school, I can't believe it's been 15 years and we haven't aged a day


they were either firemen or strippers, not sure lol



Drumheller, Alberta


Alberta, where you drive hundreds of km just straight



Horseshoe Canyon






dinosour capital of the world



Sylvan Lake, Alberta


Sylvan Lake, I used to live here





Sylvan Lake


no filter no words



my former high school



enjoying a nice sunny day at the lake


enjoying a nice sunny day at the lake


Lake Louise, Alberta


happy travelers at Lake Louise




lunch with a view


Ricoh Theta S 360°


roadtrippin' in the Rocky Mountains


Yoho National Park



the "I am on holidays look"


Lake Louise



I'd rather not be a grizzly bear's lunch today






Banff National Park


Emerald Lake, British Columbia


Emerald Lake



gotta work for the view





boating on Emerald Lake






Rocky Mountains


Banff, Alberta





let's meet at the corner of Buffalo and Bear Street


downtown Banff


our hotel


Canada, stunning landscapes




driving from Banff, Alberta to Kelowna, B.C.



Kelowna, B.C.



Vancouver, B.C.


getting closer to the big town


this one loves eating leftovers


Stanley Park



too cute



English Bay



Davie Street







the Heidi Klum of the birds






today it's them, tomorrow it's gonna be us







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