Cruise Alaska 2016






start of the cruise in Vancouver



Vancouver Skyline



somewhere near Vancouver Island


on the ship


Ketchikan, Alaska


Good Morning Ketchikan


this has been on my bucket list for a long time, sea plane flight in Alaska




this can be a bit scary


most stunning nature




Misty Fjords


Tongass National Forest, second largest rain forest in the world



off the grid



landed the plane safely



we did see a grizzly bear here, but he ran away as soon as we landed in the water


untouched beauty




scared at first, loving it at last








best fish ever




Celebrity Solstice, our tiny ship







it can't get much better than this


Tracy Arm Fjord


taking pictures from the helipad









Tracy Arm Fjord




and then we spotted this big black bear relaxing on the rocks



best view in a gym ever





real Alaskan sunsets



Juneau, Alaska


that time I was an eskimo


whale watching in Juneau


I think I saw you in Hawaii in January



halibut fishing boat



Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska


Nugget Falls


Mendenhall Glacier, largest piedmont glacier in Nort America, spanning 60 miles across



when other people take pictures of you



Juneau, one of two U.S. capitals only accessible by boat or air (the other one is Honolulu, HI)


State Capital of Alaska


famous Red Dog Saloon





best in town







the White Pass and Yukon Railroad


border town of Fraser (17 people live here!)


border Alaska/Canada



Yukon, Canada


Yukon Territory (Canada)


White Pass



lucky to see a caribou






husky puppies 😍


husky puppies 😍


two cuties


the Lance Armstrongs (without the doping;-) of the dogs! They are participating in Iditarod (1000 miles from Anchorage to Nome)


not just the pack leader, but also the most handsome




Lake Emerald in the Yukon


what a place to live



town of Carcross



Bove Island


back in Alaska, the 49th is the biggest U.S. state (state flower: forget me not)


historical town of Skagway



the street names (broadway & 5th) are probably the only thing Alaska and New York have in common



hell yeah






cutest train station







Alaska Inside Passage


Alaska Inside Passage


enjoying a glass of wine on the veranda


talk about living off the grid



Sushi in bed



Alaska vs. Valais


on our way to the last port of call: Victoria #gpstrackingtheroute


Victoria, Canada


back in Canada


probably the smallest Chinatown in the world



beautiful Victoria, Vancouver Island


Seattle, Washington


sleepless in Seattle


view from the Space Needle


The Space Needle


bye bye cruise ship


Flat Iron Building...oh wait wrong city





catch me if you can said the fish


fish market




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