Israel 2013



Tel Aviv


nice Israeli breakfast



beachfront Tel Aviv



our hotel







enjoying the warm weather and the beach


















my shop in Israel





it may look like it hurt, but it was a very good massage







the Israeli's love their Bar Refaeli
































Tel Aviv

























deliciousness with like 5000 calories



the Israeli's eating Italian







Judaean Desert/Dead Sea





Judaean Desert



King Herods Fortress Masada




the Dead Sea, lowest point on earth (-400 below sea level)
















Swiss cable car going up fortress Masada





all natural mud full body mud mask



floating in the dead sea, what an experience









Debbie loves it















overlooking the old town of Jerusalem













the walls of the old city, Jerusalem













you just feel the history in this city



Mount Zion








the Jewish Quarter







Dome of the Rock




security check before going to the Western Wall



the Western Wall (Klagemauer), women pray on one side, men on the other





















Jerusalem, where religions meet













hummus, pita bread and chicken



very annoying on the plane, ultra-orthodox jews standing in the aisle because the men wont sit beside a woman who's not his wife





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