Ljubljana 2015 - 2018


Every year I spend weeks (January, March and July) in Ljubljana, Slovenia where I am working as an Event Manager for my company SBB (Forum Train Europe). My job is to organize the biggest coordination conferences in passenger and freight Traffic in Europe. We usually have around 150 participants from Railway Companies from over 24 European countries, it's a platform for the international harmonisation of timetable and production planning in the cross-border traffic.




I really like Ljubljana



Sunday stroll in between work












best food here in Ljubljana



At least some people were listening to me








































Big brother is watching you




One of many great restaurants in this townJulija Restaurant.


Ladies night @ Valvas'or





Freight Traffic Conference @ Grand Hotel Union




goodbye Switzerland


cooking with Slavica, a famous Slovenian tv chef was so much fun


training my culinary skills






Ljubljana by night


on Slovenian highways


33 degrees everyday this week


Izola Marina


Izola one of three major Slovenian coastal towns





beautiful Piran with its medieval architecture


delicious fresh seafood



no filter





Piran at the Slovenian coast close to the borders of Italy and Croatia



view from our room


my love visiting me in Ljubljana


Lake Bled





Lake Bled





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