New York 2010









famous Times Square



Madison Square Garden





Ellen's Stardust Diner









baseball @ Central Park



Central Park











upper class 5th Ave.



probably the coolest Apple store in the world



advertising? Noooo







tight tighter





Rockafellar Center





Grand Central Station



one way to water the plants



Empire State Building



first day of shoe shopping ;-)
























Yankee Stadium







@ Elmo's






Brookly Bridge





Manhattan Bridge











crazy climbers














alot of shopping I guess, not all mine though lol















fishing...but wait a second, is that a fish???



poor thing:-( they put it back in the water though












Coney Island





on our way to Henrietta Hudson







lady liberty



Staten Island ferry












stock exchange



NY firemen



a piano player @ Mc Donalds, how cool is that??



the most famous skating rink in the world



usually A&F has hot models, but unfortunately this one wasn't :-(



flower power



NY skyline from the Empire State Building







flatiron building



Union Square farmers market



all the shoe's we've bought lol















yummi ribs and shrimps





Iceland volcano disaster, we were stuck in NY for another week!!!



people sleeping @ the airport



I think she likes green



a preacher's sweet ride



gospel worship in Brooklyn










postcard location









dance show @ Union Square Park








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