Mykonos & Santorini 2015










nice arrival in Mykonos


two cuties


another Sunday afternoon


a massage, always




Alkyon, our hotel overlooking Mykonos Town


it's windy


my island shoe collection


what can I say, I love shoes lol




not edited




Mykonos Town















the cat lady




animal hoarder?







in the streets of Mykonos Town




great dinner at Marco Polo Restaurant




lighthouse Mykonos




making new friends




the gate to the sea


lighthouse, highest point on the island


just a little bit windy







little Venice, Mykonos Town


love everything about it





when the cat becomes part of the statue




when a bike turns into art...unintentially


best sunsets



ferry from Mykonos to Santorini






just arrived in Santorini and we are having lunch at this beautiful place




our cave hotel


spending one night in Oia - check off my bucket list


waking up to this view!











happy girls in paradise



Oia one of my most favorite town's in the world!







sunset in Oia, Santorini






everyone came to see the sunset





Santorini postcard pictures



Santorini postcard pictures





I wish...


my suitcase visible at all times





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