Romania 2016





our hotel


Sinaia, a Romanian mountain tourist resort


in the Carpathian Mountains with Europe's largest population of black bears (5000) and also not far from the home of Dracula in Transylvania


meeting between the Czechs and the Slovakians


haunted house?


London meets Sinaia


WMGS Conference, 50 particiants from 16 Eastern European countries came together to harmonize international freight train traffic timetables for the period 2016/2017


hot? Maybe 30 years ago


train ride from Sinaia to Brasov


where conductors still sit down with the passenger...only in Romania










the different kind of Hollywood




just the right toy for my newphew and my girlfriend









please send me to a place with no shops next time! #shoppingmonster


My boss on the drums







Ohhh Switzerland



Parking Romanian style


kids castle


parliament house



love PULL & BEAR







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