Sri Lanka 2011




Nicole at Doha airport



Pinnawala, elephant orphanage



Pinnawala elephant orphanage






impressing when 80 elephants are stomping down the street





the babies are playing




an elephant being transported on a truck




so Swiss


the town of Kandy in the mountains


the market




dance show



Kandy lake



Budhism ceremony





4 a.m. at the trainstation


on the train to Galle



riding the train Sri Lankan style







frangipani motel in Galle














Sunday school



stilt fishermen, this can only be seen in Sri Lanka






my favorite cafe









my hotel, no name





nice way to have breakfast





Japanese temple


jungle beach


my friend Sahan




driving Sahan's tuk tuk




Unuwatuna beach


jumbo shrimp


pimp my tuk tuk




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