Tel Aviv Pride 2016

and it can't get much higher in contrast: Jerusalem










Carmel Market




loving it


Israeli breakfast


Butch from Orange is the new Black


just as crazy as on tv


Bern is here too


Alan Cumming from the tv series the good wife



Me'ir Park, start of the Pride Parade 2016










200'000 people attended the Pride 2016 (60'000 tourists)




nice place to have a pride




U.S. Embassy celebrates Pride


get your feet wet in between the festivities


ai Corona
















don't text and drive or how was that?












view on Tel Aviv


they probably didn't read the warning before self tanning ;-)





when your Sherut breaks down on the way to Jerusalem




Arabic part of the old city


Western Wall


the two weirdest people there


East meets West



she took the "cover your shoulder" part very seriously lol


Western Wall



Jerusalem old city













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