Thailand 2004






rush hour in Bangkok


no they are not dead just having a nap


Chiang Mai/Chiang Rai


temple in Chiang Mai


buddhist monks



Chiang Mai zoo







Sandra and I trekking in the jungle! I am the real survivor queen!


after trekking! That was the worst trip of my whole life!


one of the houses from tha akha tribes in the jungle...we had to sleep in one of those..very cozy!



little buddha baby



bamboo rafting on some river by Chiang Rai, that was save...


no, we did not die...





Leonardo was here...


Patong Beach


Phi Phi Islands


viking cave


Koh Phi Phi Don


great bar


aqua de coco, my fave


the beach! What else can I say!









WOW, what else can I say


the little pier on Phi Phi island


Koh Samui


Ko Samui, this was the beach from our hotel! Very cozy!


nice view, me on Koh Samui


big buddha



Koh Phangan


Koh Phangan, too bad we missed the famous fullmoon party


how romantic



after a long night


Koh Tao


gotta love this pic, taken near Ko Tao



Koh Tao, the divers island, it rained to whole time when we were there


our bungalow on Koh Tao


my cutie



my favorite puppy





there are no words to describe that...


brrr I think Sandra is cold lol


I have no problems finding new friends






Kao San Road



May the Lord give strength to the Tsunami survivors, may the victims rest im peace in God's heavenly grace and may fellow family members have the courage to move on.



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